Mental Health Care with GeneSight Testing at Today Telemedicine

Today Telemedicine understands that finding the proper medication for mental health issues can sometimes be tricky.
It involves months, if not years, of trial and error to discover the perfect medication, combination, and dosage.
Some people can experience positive responses to their initial medications, whereas others may experience severe side effects.
Due to these challenges, we introduce an innovative solution that changes the way we approach mental health: GeneSight.

The Challenge of Finding the Right Medication

A person's brain responds differently to medications.

Not all medications work the same way.

There's a wide selection of medications available.

Introducing GeneSight

GeneSight is an innovative approach for personalizing mental health treatment.
It helps you avoid taking multiple medications, which might not be suitable for you.

What is GeneSight?

GeneSight testing, also known as pharmacogenomics testing, determines how medications interact with your genetic makeup.
It provides us with valuable information about your body’s ability to metabolize various drugs, which helps us create the right treatment plan.

The Role of GeneSight in Mental Health

GeneSight Psychotropic is a pharmacogenomics test that has demonstrated improved patient outcomes in clinical studies.
It categorizes medications based on their compatibility with your genes, reducing the risk of severe side effects while increasing the likelihood of treatment success.

role in genesight testing

Types of GeneSight Testing

We offer various GeneSight testing options, including the Psychotropic GeneSight Test, MTHFR Test, ADHD Test, and Analgesic Test.
Depending on your condition, one or more tests may be necessary to personalize your treatment plan.

How Does GeneSight Testing Work?

GeneSight testing involves a painless DNA sample collection.
The results guide us in selecting the most suitable medication for you, eliminating the need for trial and error.

Who Should Consider GeneSight Testing?

GeneSight testing is recommended if you’re considering adjustments to your mental health medication.
This testing may not be necessary if your current medication regimen works.

Pros of GeneSight Testing?

GeneSight testing offers several benefits, including:

Reducing treatment time by identifying effective medications.

Preventing adverse side effects and drug interactions.

Helping in the development of new treatments.

Precisely targeting the best therapies.

Determining the correct dosages.

Improving treatment outcomes.

Cost-saving and time-saving.

GeneSight testing, while not FDA-approved, might involve some costs.
Many insurance providers offer partial coverage, and we provide information about payment plans and financial aid options.
Consult us today to explore if GeneSight testing is suitable for your personalized mental health care.