1. 100% telemedicine only for mild to moderate conditions for full psychiatry, therapy and urgent care
  2. We current offer services in Florida, Illinois and Washington State
  3. Primary care transitional care – we start, diagnosis and treat mild to moderate primary care issue to give you time to set up local primary care services (which can take 3-9 months in some areas)
  4. We DO NOT treat emergencies, active suicidal ideations, disability or severe mental health conditions (hallucinating ect). Use local ER, ER behavioral health center and SI hot line- dial 988
  5. We offer Genesight testing for mental health medications, learn more here: GeneSight Testing for Personalized Healthcare (todaytelemedicine.com)
  6. We offer computer ADHD testing done virtual setting- learn more here Today Telemedicine's ADHD/ADD Program: Tailored Solutions
  7. We write for all prescription medications (except controlled medications other than stimulants)
  8. We can order lab work, radiology orders, mammograms ect
  1. Easy self-schedule and can be seen quickly (can have a visit in less than 2 weeks, often in a few days)
  2. Click link below to schedule, then it sends you an email for your intake paperwork, a sms video link, once you complete the forms we verify your insurance we send you a patient poral message of details of coverage before visit
  3. (Click here to Schedule) (Advanced MD | Patient Portal)
  1. Yes, we are in network is large amount of commercial payers (examples but not limited to and expanding daily: Cigna, united, CHAMPVA , Medicaid, Medicare ect)
  2. No show fee or less than 24 hrs notice - $99
  1. You can call (800-951-8257) or text (786-706-0822) (messaging rates apply from your cellular carrier) for us to check before scheduling
  2. OR you can self-schedule now (Click here to Schedule) (Advanced MD | Patient Portal) , paperwork is emailed to you to update that information, we check your eligibility before each visit and send you a secure patient message of results.
    • You can select on your intake paper work if you want to keep or cancel the visit if we are out of network and we will auto cancel it for you
  1. New patient visit: $299
  2. Follow up visits; $149
  3. ADHD computer testing: $199
  4. No show fee $99
  1. Yes (adults 18 yrs +)
  2. Offer neuro computer testing that can be done at home with a computer
  3. We can fully diagnosis and treat ADHD
  1. Yes, Florida residents only (for our Illinois and Washington patients we can offer nonstimulants and/or write full report to request local primary care to write stimulant prescriptions)
  2. Restrictions apply and not guaranteed depending on medical conditions
  3. Stimulant care age 18-50 yrs old
  4. Must submit an in person physical examination (can be done at any urgent care) that is less than 30 days old.
  5. Must have neurotesting included in diagnosis (from prior provider or we can order it)
  1. Your provider who diagnosed you must give you (or send us) a letter of diagnosis of the DSM5 criteria, what testing what done, include neuro testing reports and send over medication treatment plan
  2. What if I can’t get that information?
    • We set you up for re-testing to have complete diagnosis neuro report on file
      • How long does that take? It’s a 20 min at home computer FDA cleared ADHD neuro test as well at patient portal question/answer testing, can be done in 1 hour total time to complete both
  1. No
  2. First visit is the intake visit, you will need to either transfer your ADHD diagnosis or take the testing we set up on that visit for you
  3. You will need to go get a in person physical exam and sent that to us (local walk in urgent care ect) and send that to us (we review your vital signs, physical findings for safe telemedicine care)
  4. Can have prescription written on 2nd visit if everything completed
  1. Adult only 18+
  2. Stimulant care age 18-50 yrs old , outside that age range we suggest in person care
  1. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners
    • Our psychiatrist and ER physician are medical directors only and collaborate with our medical team
  1. Yes but case by case
  2. Require weekly visits for management updates, progress and changes if needed
  3. Max 12 weeks, if extension needed, we refer local IOP (intensive outpatient care)
  1. No, recommend in person care for that
  1. Yes for established patients with routine follow up visits for care continuation
  2. Letters are written for 6 months and require follow up care to renew for medical conditions its being treated for (just like any other mediations would be managed)
  1. Yes
  2. With non-controlled medications and therapy
  3. We DO NOT prescribe benzodiazepines (examples but not limited to Xanax, Ativan, clonazepam, klonopin. Valium ect)
  1. No controlled medications (except Florida stimulants)
  2. We can NOT do benzodiazepines (examples but not limited to Xanax, Ativan, clonazepam, klonopin. Valium ect , pain medications (opioids, tramadol, T3, cough meds with codeine ect), controlled sleep medications (Ambien, Restoril ect) , weight loss meds (phentermine)
  3. This is not a complete list, the only controlled medication we can do are stimulants in Florida, if in doubt can internally message in the portal to ask a question or call /text a specific medication question.
  1. Yes
  2. We have virtual language translator services that can join the secure HIPAA video and can accommodate American Sign Language on video as well
  3. Requires advanced notice to set up 3rd party service
  1. Example but not limited to: anxiety, depression, panic, PTSD, ADHD, insomnia, bipolar, personality disorders, eating disorders (if BMI over 20) , social anxiety
  1. Common illness, UTIs, birth control refills, medication refills from specialty providers to bridge till you schedule follow up care
  2. Mild injury , cough/colds, strep ect