We Make Your Telemedicine Experience Stress-free

We prioritize your comfort and peace of mind, so you can focus on your health while we care for you.

As a new patient, you’ll experience a sense of ease. We place a strong emphasis on quality medical care and making our services readily accessible to you.

Easy Appointment Booking and Flexible Choices

Access to care is seamless with our various options.
If your insurance isn’t within our network, worry not – we present flexible payment plans, sliding scale fees, and affordable cash rates.
Initiate the process by logging into your patient portal through your smartphone or smart device.
From there, effortlessly upload your insurance details and payment information.
You can choose a time and date that works for you to fill out brief, essential forms.

Patient Portal

Our patient portal is your central point of contact for preparing for your upcoming visit and getting the link to your telemedicine consultation.
Alongside receiving an email containing the link, you can access it within your portal.


Simple Connection Steps

Step 1

Ask your healthcare provider for an email invitation to join the OnPatient Portal.

Step 2

Open the invite email, click "sign up," and follow the simple online registration.

Step 3

Get the OnPatient app from the Apple App Store.

Step 4

Open the app, log in, and connect with your medical provider.

Within the OnPatient portal, you gain the following advantages:


Make checking in easier by filling out any paperwork before your appointment.


View and manage your upcoming appointments, and check in online.


You can easily schedule or reschedule appointments from your computer or mobile device.


Communicate with your physician using a secure HIPAA-compliant channel.


Maintain and update your contact and insurance details.


Access your medical records.


Receive educational materials directly into your account.


Connect your child's account and oversee their health records with yours


View and settle statements online.

Privacy and Confidentiality Assured

Confidentiality stands as a cornerstone of our practice.

Your personal information and health details are safeguarded meticulously, mirroring the standards of an in-person medical encounter.

Your Consultation Experience

We keep your convenience in mind at every step of the consultation process.
You’ll receive a text reminder containing the visit link, which will also be accessible through your patient portal.
No matter where you find yourself – whether at home, in your car, or at work – rest assured that you can use your smart device to connect for a visit.

Continuity of Care

Post-visit, know that your prescription will be electronically sent to your local pharmacy.
Further follow-up care will be scheduled, and our dedicated billing department will handle insurance claims on your behalf.
Alternatively, you can choose our affordable cash rate for payment.

Insurance Coverage

With ease of billing, we happily accept insurance plans from various companies. Simply upload your medical insurance information for swift verification – telemedicine benefits are included in nearly all plans.

Accessible Cash Rates

If you don't have insurance or are seeking out-of-network services, worry not.

Feel free to contact us for comprehensive details about our affordable cash rates.

Questions? We're Here to Help

At any point, if queries arise about our services, appointment scheduling, or any aspect of your experience, our support team is on hand to help.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We extend our sincere gratitude for choosing Today Telemedicine as your healthcare companion.