Self-Pay Cost of Care

Self-Pay Disclosures

Payment is due at time of service

New patient intake visit


Follow up visits


QB Testing

(FDA computer test if medically indicated and ordered)

No show fee



  1. Estimated cost of care can vary per medical conditions, some require more frequent visits monitoring for safety and some can have extended visits intervals.
  2.  Follow up interval is up to the discretion of the medical provider for safety of medical conditions being treated.
     Medical refills and change in medical conditions require visit.
  3. Please read consent forms carefully of what we can and can’t do- examples but not full list: we do not write for benzodiazepines, we do not sign disability forms, we do not write for stimulants (no Adderall) for Illinois and Washington patients. (Adderall/stimulant option only available in state of Florida currently)