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Kind Words from Our Patients

I’ve had a lot difficulty finding good psychiatrists in the past, but Sarah has been no question the best one I’ve seen in regards to my mental health, period! She always listens and gives valuable advice in regards to my mental state + medications. Her medication recommendations for me have been the best matches compared to everything else I’ve been prescribed. If you’re looking for someone who will make you feel comfortable and your opinions valued, then she is definitely THE best choice!!!!

Mrs. Sarah is a GEM!! She gives you a feeling of understanding and No JUDGEMENT. Easy to talk to and gives me a sense of ease. Like I can be vunerable and open up.

Sarah was amazing! Very attentive listener and ensures that you understand and agree with the pathforward. Very empathic.

Thank you Sarah Purdy for your kindness and empathy while working with me to find a solution to my issues!

Sarah Purdy is awesome. She is so kind and understanding. She takes notes so she remembers what is going on with my life and she knows what medication to recommend/prescribe. I do my appointments on my lunch break and she tries to keep the appointment to a reasonable time frame. I recommend her!

I want to give credit where credit is due - Sarah took my situation made the effort to consider all diagnoses and current medications before prescribing anything new. I REALLY appreciated that. However, after two appointments, in a nutshell, I was informed that there was now an issue with insurance, and ultimately was no longer able to see her as I was not able to pay $99 per appointment moving forward. Nowadays, it is very hard to find a therapist or the like it, so I was grateful to have found Sarah. But unfortunately, I was a bit confounded by the situation and was left with the quest to find yet another provider.

I have been “seeing” Sarah a few months and she’s a nice person as well as extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is super responsive to requests and concerns. I always feel heard and that she actually listens.

Sarah was very thorough and very compassionate. She was very sweet and understanding!

Sarah is an incredible therapist! Can't recommend her enough. Very nice and easy to talk to, and also very focused on bettering you in a way that works best for you. I appreciate her and her efforts very much, and I'm in a much better place in regards to my mindfulness and mental health thanks to her.

Sarah is great.I have seen different therapists throughout the course of my life for different reasons and she is one of the best, for me personally. She is busy but not overly booked and will make time to see you if you need it. Sarah is great at giving feedback and advice, which is something I feel was lacking or insufficient in other therapists before. I'm used to a lot of therapists letting you vent and being way too ambiguous in their responses, leaving me still feeling confused and frustrated. However Sarah gives lots of constructive comments and provides the perspective I need to resolve the issues at hand. Highly recommended!

Sarah Purdy was wonderful, thorough, and understanding. I appreciate her very much.

Overall such a great experience! I was very impressed with how easy it was to setup my appointment and how quickly I was able to be seen. The provider was wonderful! She was so comforting, easy to talk to and listened to all my concerns in a timely manner. At the end of my appointment she addressed all my concerns and answered all of my questions. So excited to have found a provider I feel comfortable with and trust!

Dr Sarah Purdy’s professionalism and knowledgeability are unmatched. I was in severe pain and disheveled and Dr Purdy made my visit understandable and pleasant. I highly recommend Dr Sarah Purdy and her team.

I absolutely love Dr. Purdy she has helped me so much already. Listens without judgment and takes my concerns seriously. Thank you Dr.Purdy

Best decision I made was to seek out therapy and Sarah has been the best!

Caring, personable, relatable

They are very knowledgeable and fast! I’d recommend this place to anyone

Enjoy every moment giving to me..

They wished me happy birthday