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Kind Words from Our Patients

Sarah Purdy is truly wonderful. She is very easy to talk to and be open with about what is going on and how I am feeling mentally/emotionally. She is very communicative of my treatment and how my medication will be helping me. I really truly enjoy working with Sarah and feel very comfortable and safe working with Sarah.
– Richard P.

Sarah was wonderful. First she was early to our appointment…I have never had a health care professional who was early. She was clear, easy to talk to, and I immediately felt comfortable with her. I cannot say enough about her intelligence and her immediate desire to get me the help I need. I look forward to my next appointment working with Sarah.
– Laure M.

Sarah was extremely professional and compassionate. She really took the time to empathize with my personal situation and comfortingly guided the whole process. Her attitude was enthusiastic, and the interaction was brief and painless. She supported and reassured me during the meeting that everything is going great and things will get better. She is definitely a shining light in a dark room. Very supportive and understanding. Always asking you what direction you want to go and how you feel about it before setting things in stone. Very comforting and much needed!
– Reece F.

Sarah was lovely, friendly and worked very hard to find me the right prescription.
– Susan E.

Sarah is wonderful! She’s a great listener, compassionate, empathetic and very easy to talk to.
– Jennifer S.

I have had two appointments with Sarah so far and have had a great experience! She is very nice and very thorough. I was nervous about taking medication for the first time and she made me feel comfortable with what she prescribed as well as the gradual increase of the dosage over a couple of months. Thank you!
– Savannah B.

Sarah is easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and empathetic. Highly recommend!
– John U.