Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time to start scary! But before you do, keep in mind that not everyone has a comfortable level of spooky fun. In fact, some people might be scared or even traumatized by your scary decorations. And then some experience anxiety from loud noises and unfamiliar environments. To make sure everyone has a safe Halloween, here are some tips for making your decor spook-tacular without being too spooky!

1) Be aware that everyone enjoys things differently and that’s ok!

Halloween is not about scare or fear. Participate in a way that makes you best comfortable and happy. Be mindful of others, respect their opinions and celebrate what brings you joy! Keep it safe but have some fall fun with your trick-or-treating

2) Get to know what you and your family enjoy.

If you have children, discuss what they love to be scared of and plan your decor accordingly. You can use their preferences as a guide for not-so-scary Halloween decoration ideas!


– Talk with the family about not-so-spooky trick-or-treating costumes.

– Find some not too spooky but festive fall decorations that will still get you in the fall holiday mood!

3) Understand auditory hypersensitivity is a real thing.

Halloween means lots of loud noises like screams and booms. For some people these sounds might not be pleasant, rather they can cause high levels of anxiety or even panic attacks!


– If your family members are auditory sensitive to certain sounds you might want to avoid decorating with music that is too spooky or using Halloween sound effects during

-Use sounds in moderation to make sure they aren’t too loud or sudden. Play low sounds in the background like music from a not too spooky Halloween movie or a not to scary fall song.

-Place some not-so-spooky but festive decorations like not-so-scary spider webs and jack o lanterns that don’t make big bang sounds!

4) Be aware and present at the moment to respond to others’ emotional needs.

If you have a family member with anxiety, PTSD or hyperstimulation here are some not-so spooky Halloween decoration ideas that will help them feel safe this holiday!


– If someone in your home struggles with loud noises and environments that might be too stimulating like busy streets decorated for Halloween try not to go

5) Have an exit plan ready just in case!

It’s not fun if the night ends in tears or panic. Make sure you have an exit plan ready for your family to make it home safely!


– Leave early enough so that no one misses out on trick-or-treating because of spook overload! Try leaving around dark, maybe before the sun sets

After reading this blog post, you should know how to safely decorate for your family’s fun level of spook! Happy not-so-spooky Halloween. If you need any mental health support you can have telemedicine visits from your phone and have email and text access to your medical provider 24/7 at Today Telemedicine. Schedule Today!

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