Holistic Primary Care Services

We promise to provide accessible and complete healthcare using our super-modern telemedicine system.

Comprehensive Primary Care Services

Primary care is the starting point of your health journey, focusing on your general health, early intervention, and self-care at any stage of life.
Sarah Purdy—our experienced physician assistant- guides you toward better health and happiness.

We Focus On Your Long-Term Health

We know starting with a solid base in primary care is essential.
Here at Today Telemedicine, your health is what matters most to us. We’re fully committed to being your reliable support and compassionate guide in achieving long-term health goals.
Primary care includes many health concerns, such as

Preventive care and wellness check-ups.

Routine vaccinations.

Managing chronic conditions

Acute illnesses (infections, flu).

Minor injuries and wounds.

Routine screenings (blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer).

Mental health concerns and emotional well-being.

Women's health (birth control, reproductive health).

Men's health (prostate health, sexual health).

Pediatric care (childhood vaccinations, growth monitoring).

These are just a few examples of the things that primary care covers.
Sarah Purdy is your primary care provider and can address various health concerns.

Why Primary Care Matters?

Taking care of you and your health is a part of what primary care does.

Let’s find out why primary care matters:

Staying Ahead of Problems

Primary care helps you stay healthy by preventing issues. Regular check-ups, screenings, and shots can find and treat health problems before they worsen.

Catching Problems Early

Primary care medical providers can find health problems early on. This helps fix things quickly and stop them from getting worse. It means you might not need extensive treatments.

Looking at Everything

Primary care considers your well-being, including physical health, thoughts, and emotions. Whenever you need your provider, they're there to listen.

Continuing Care

When you're connected with a primary care medical provider who knows you well, they can offer enhanced care. They'll monitor your health, offer guidance, and support you in seeing a specialist if necessary.

Care Just for You

Primary care medical providers get to know what you need because they listen to you. They give you advice and plans that fit you.

Getting Help from Others

Your primary medical provider can help you find exceptional care. Together with other medical providers, they make sure you receive the appropriate assistance.

Dealing with Chronic Conditions

Primary care is good for managing long-lasting problems like diabetes or heart issues. They watch over you and help stop problems from happening.

Learning About Health

Primary care medical providers can teach you about staying healthy. You can learn to eat well, exercise often, and do other things to look after yourself with their help.

Stopping Problems Early

Finding health issues soon means fixing them faster. This makes your life better and healthier.

Easy and Affordable

 Primary care is easy to access and affordable. It helps keep communities healthy.

Regular check-ups with your primary medical provider are essential for a healthy life. You can receive the care necessary to stay well, avoid getting sick, and handle ongoing health issues there.

Your primary healthcare provider can be someone you trust for advice and a companion as you care for your health.

Simple Steps to Your Virtual Primary Care Visit

Schedule an Appointment:

Choose a convenient date and time for your virtual primary care visit through our user-friendly online scheduling system.

Virtual Visit

At the scheduled time, log in to your account and connect with your primary care provider via video call. Discuss your health concerns and receive expert guidance.


If necessary, your primary care provider will recommend any follow-up appointments, treatments, or tests. You can easily schedule these through our platform.

Let's Get Started

Looking after your health is really simple now.
Join us today and see how easy and good our primary care services are.
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What is Primary Care?

Primary care is your first choice for general healthcare needs. It focuses on preventive care, health maintenance, and treating common illnesses.

How often should I have a Primary Care visit?

It's recommended to have a primary care visit annually for preventive care and health check-ups. Your health needs may dictate how often you get checked.

Do I need an appointment for Primary Care visits?

Yes, scheduling an appointment is recommended to ensure you receive dedicated time with your primary care provider for a thorough evaluation.

Can I get prescriptions for medications during a Primary Care visit?

Yes, your primary care provider can prescribe medications when necessary based on their assessment of your health condition.

How does Today Telemedicine's Primary Care work?

Today Telemedicine offers primary care services through virtual appointments. You can contact a primary care provider via video, phone, or messaging for consultations and guidance.